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Renovation Designers Brisbane

Aude Interiors is based in Brisbane and offers expert design solutions for multiple projects, including renovation work. From entire homes to single rooms, Aude's keen eye for detail and project management skills will ensure every aspect of your home renovation goes smoothly and that your current space is effortlessly transformed.

Our Renovation Design Services in Brisbane

We understand that a renovation project brings certain challenges, but with our renovation services, we'll ensure everything is as stress free as possible and bring your dream home to life.


From small apartments to large houses, we'll draw up design plans that combine style and functionality while working with an experienced team of builders, craftsmen, and artisans who will bring their expertise to the table and start you on your home renovation journey.

What Our Customers Say About
Our Renovation Design Services in Brisbane?

“Aude is an experienced and creative interior designer. Adept at all things, that’s what really impressed me! She knew about space planning, lighting as well as soft furnishings, and all fixtures and fittings. She also understands the clients Vision and works within budgets and timelines."


What is Included in Our Renovation Design Services?

All design projects are different, and for that reason, Aude Interiors offers a bespoke package for every project we take on. But, to give you a typical idea of what the process might look like for your renovation project, you can expect:

Step 1

Style Consultation

The first step in any home renovation project is to look at what styles you like. Whether it's modern chic or a traditional look you prefer, we'll take the information you give us about your personal style and use our expert knowledge to create a bespoke custom design. During this consultation stage, we'll also discuss what you need from a space to ensure functionality can be applied to your design alongside style. You can also use this as an opportunity to talk to us about any questions or concerns you may have about the renovations.

Step 2

Mood Board

Following your initial consultation, we'll create a mood board that showcases potential design solutions and ideas. Everything is reworkable at this stage, and we'll collaborate with you to create your ideal living space by adjusting and implementing any new ideas.

Step 3

Space Planning

The next step would be to look at how best to plan the space ahead of your home renovations. We may work with a draftsman here, who will offer their expert opinion and extensive experience on where certain things can be placed in line with the structural integrity of the building and any renovations that are due to be carried out.

Step 4

Final Design Layout

After looking at space planning, we'll produce a final design layout, which will also include the placement of any custom storage being created for the space. As with all stages of the process, the final layout will ensure that functionality works harmoniously with style to bring new life into old spaces.

Step 5

Colour Planning

One of the most exciting parts of the process, this stage pulls inspiration from your bespoke mood board and looks at what colours not only work well in the space but match your personal style. We won't just look simply at colours, though. We'll explore different patterns, textures, and other design elements to bring your ideal living space to life.

Step 6

Material Selection

Another important aspect of any home renovation design is the materials used throughout the space. Together, we'll explore what materials would suit the space best, not only to create the look you want but to ensure functionality and longevity for future use.

Step 7

Appliances & Furniture

Next, we'll look at what appliances and furniture would be a good fit for the renovations, and if you have any pieces that you already own and love, we'll be sure to include these in our design plans. As always, we'll keep functionality and style in mind to ensure that your home can be lived in while remaining super stylish.

Step 8

Project Management

Now that all plans are in place, it's time to get your project started! Throughout all renovations, we'll oversee the entire project and work with an experienced team of builders, craftsmen, and artisans to ensure everything runs smoothly, and in the unlikely event of any issues arising, we'll keep things as stress free as possible.

FAQs About Our Renovation Design Services in Brisbane

Will Aude Interiors project manage any build elements of the project?

Yes, Aude Interiors can coordinate build elements of your renovation project and work with your builder to make sure everything runs smoothly and gets finished on time.

Can a renovation designer help submit plans for permits and approvals?

Yes, a renovation designer can assist in the submission of plans for permits and approvals. At Aude Interiors, we can assist with local area plans, building codes, and regulations, and we'll ensure that any plans meet the requirements set out by the authorities.

What information should I have ready before meeting with a renovation designer?

While we're here to help you at every stage of your renovation journey, it's always useful to have certain information available for us so we can help you create the perfect space for your home and lifestyle. This includes budget, inspiration, information about the site or property, and a timeline of when you'd ideally like the renovations to be completed.

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