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Kitchen Designers Brisbane

With a passion for creating beautiful spaces, Brisbane-based interior designer Aude Interiors has the expertise to design your kitchen renovation and make sure it suits your needs while retaining your preferred aesthetics. Whether you're restyling your kitchen or you're looking for a complete change, our kitchen design services are tailored to you and your budget.

Our Kitchen Design Services

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and we know how important it is to get both the aesthetics and the functionality of this precious space right for you and your family. Our kitchen design services are wide-ranging. From simply repainting to complete renovations, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to create your dream kitchen, and we'll ensure that every stage is efficiently managed and stress free for you.

What Our Customers Say About
Our Kitchen Design Services in Brisbane?

“Aude is an experienced and creative interior designer. Adept at all things, that’s what really impressed me! She knew about space planning, lighting as well as soft furnishings, and all fixtures and fittings. She also understands the clients Vision and works within budgets and timelines."


What is Included in Our Kitchen Design Services?

We know that designing any space is personal, and because of this, our kitchen design service is bespoke to your needs. However, as a guide, here are some of the steps you can expect when you hire Aude Interiors for your kitchen renovation or redesign.

Step 1

Initial Style Consultation

We want to get to know you, your needs, and your tastes. So, the first step in your kitchen makeover is to sit down and chat about the kind of styles you like and what you'd like to achieve with the space, both in terms of look and functionality. We'll also advise on what we feel could work best for your new kitchen design, looking at the current layout, available light, and everything else needed to start bringing the vision to life.

Step 2

Mood Board That Fits Your Style

After your consultation, we'll start putting together a mood board, taking into account everything you've told us about what you'd like to gain from your new kitchen and what we feel would work within the space. This mood board can include colour ideas, potential materials, and ideas on furniture and appliances.

Step 3

Space Optimisation

Another part of our kitchen design service is to look at the current layout of your kitchen and how the space could be changed to optimise style and functionality. This could include bringing in custom cabinetry to optimise storage and modern kitchen appliances that will leave you with more floor space.

Step 4

Custom Cabinetry

One of the biggest issues people looking for a new kitchen face is storage solutions, so by bringing in custom cabinetry, we'll be able to help you keep your countertops clear and any unsightly items out of the way. As with all aspects of our design, we'll ensure that any custom joinery fits your individual needs while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Step 5

Colours & Patterns

Whether you want a super modern kitchen or you prefer a rustic feel, we'll work to find colours that suit both the space and your taste. We'll also look at potential patterns that could help you get more out of the space, such as focal points that draw the eye or horizontal lines that can make a small space feel bigger.

Step 6

Tiles, benchtops, splashbacks & Other Materials

We know that the kitchen is the busiest room in the home, so we'll also make sure that the materials used in your kitchen renovation are suitable for your needs. As always, we'll also ensure that they suit your style preferences and the space while remaining durable enough to withstand everything a busy kitchen can throw at them.

Step 7

Recommending Furniture & Appliances

Another important aspect of any kitchen renovation, we'll look at what furniture would suit your new kitchen best while keeping your needs in mind. Whether it's a new kitchen table, kitchen island, or custom joinery, we'll recommend furniture that works for you while remaining stylish. We'll also look at your appliances and recommend some upgrades that would work best with your lifestyle.

Step 8

Project Management & Coordination

Once everything has been agreed on and design plans are finalised, we'll get to work and oversee every aspect of your kitchen makeover. We'll work closely with retailers, craftsmen, builders, artisans, and everyone else involved in your project to ensure everything runs smoothly and your finished product arrives on time.

FAQs About Our Kitchen Design Services in Brisbane

Do I need a clear vision of my kitchen before hiring a designer?

No, it's not at all crucial to have a clear vision of your kitchen renovation before hiring an interior designer. We'll bring our expertise in design and spatial planning to your kitchen and advise on what we feel would work best within the space. Of course, any ideas you have are beneficial, and we'll be able to work with you to refine these to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen that caters to your personal taste.

Will a kitchen designer help with the selection of appliances and fixtures?

Yes, a kitchen designer will help with the selection of appliances, fixtures, and furniture. In doing this, we're able to ensure you get the most out of your space and have everything you need to create a functioning yet stylish kitchen.

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