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Interior Designers & Decorators Brisbane

Brisbane interior design studio Aude Interiors has a passion for creating beautiful spaces that bring your home to life, making it not only a place to live but a space that reflects your personal style.


With an impressive background in cultural and creative industries, including Sotheby's, the Louvre, and Tate Modern, Aude brings her Ecole Boulle training expertise into any project she works on and knows how to create a unique space that works with your budget.

Our Interior Design Services

From complete renovation projects to those final touches that make a house a home, Aude Interiors offers a range of interior design services for a home or commercial space.

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Collaborating with skilled professionals, Aude Interiors'  service provides expert interior designer plans that elevate your space and bring your dream home to life. We'll work with you to select the materials, colours, and layout that bring style while allowing the space to remain functional.

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Working with an expertly designed plan, our Airbnb decorator service brings spaces to life, taking them to the next level to create unique atmospheres that will captivate guests, elevate their experience, and make your Airbnb a must-stay place.


Our kitchen design service will transform your current space into a culinary haven that is bespoke to you. From contemporary chic to timeless classics, we'll tailor everything to your taste and needs.


New Build Designs

Aude Interiors' new build designs service blends functionality with aesthetically pleasing style. Through innovative concepts and personalised consultation, our expertise will create a space in a new build that immediately makes it feel like home.

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Aude's expert eye for colour and detail, along with an understanding of colour psychology, will transform your space into your dream home. From harmonious colours to bold focal points, our colour consultant service offers that personalised touch that allows your home to reflect your style.

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From sleek, modern kitchens to cosy bedrooms, our apartment renovation service brings innovative designs and skilled professionals together to create a space that blends comfort and style, elevates the aesthetic of your home, and feels personal to you.


Create a captivating atmosphere with our property styling service, bringing stylish and functional arrangements into your home. This is the perfect service for anyone selling their home and looking for a fast, lucrative sale.

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Immerse yourself in a world of luxury with Aude Interior's bathroom design service. Everything is tailored to your preferences, so whether you value style or functionality more, we'll unleash the potential of your bathroom and tailor the space to your needs and tastes.

What Our Customers Say About
Our Interior Design Services?

“Aude is an experienced and creative interior designer. Adept at all things, that’s what really impressed me! She knew about space planning, lighting as well as soft furnishings, and all fixtures and fittings. She also understands the clients Vision and works within budgets and timelines."


What is Included in the Interior Design Services?

At Aude Interiors, we understand that no two designs are ever the same. As such, our services are bespoke to fit your taste and the needs of a project.

However, to give you a general idea of what's included with our design services, here's what you can expect.

Step 1

Initial Consultation to Discuss Style & Needs

The first step is an initial consultation, during which we'll talk about your lifestyle, the styles you like and your needs. We'll also provide our expert knowledge and experience, discussing what is achievable and what would work best in the space.

Step 2

Mood Board Development That Reflects Your Style

Following your consultation, we can create a board to reflect your style, along with our ideas on how the space can work for you functionally with extra style.

Step 3

Interior Space Planning

We'll then start drawing up interior space planning designs, looking at how to maximise spaces  while keeping everything aesthetically pleasing. This will include furniture layouts and fixtures, ensuring effective space planning while enhancing comfort and flow.

Step 4

Custom Cabinetry Design & Layout

Should your space need custom storage solutions, we'll look at spatial requirements and your preferences to create bespoke cabinetry that combines functionality with style.

Step 5

Introducing Patterns & Colours

Next, we'll start looking at what patterns and colours would work well within your space, always keeping your personal style and needs in mind.

Step 6

Selecting Materials

We'll also take a look at what type of materials you like and discuss how these will work in terms of both style and function.

Step 7

Sourcing Appliances & Furniture

Once colours and materials have been chosen, the next step is sourcing appliances and furniture that you not only love but that will work well in the space being created for you.

Step 8

Project Management of Builders, Craftsmen and Artists

Taking all previous steps into account, we'll now oversee the project management of builders, craftsmen, and artists to ensure all work is carried out on time and budget.

FAQs About Our Interior Design & Decorating Services in Brisbane

Can I use existing furniture and decor items in the redecoration process?

Absolutely! Any furniture or decor you already own and love can be used in the redecoration process, and we'll ensure that our design keeps these items in mind at all stages.

Do Aude Interiors include recommendations about changes to furnishings?

Yes, Aude Interiors will include recommendations about changes to furnishing during the design process. We'll look at what could work well within a space, as well as the specific functionality that certain furnishing can bring to your home.

How long does an interior design project usually take?

This entirely depends on the extent and intricacy of the design project, with some taking a couple of weeks to complete and others lasting for a few months.

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