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Property Styling Brisbane

With years of experience and an incredible eye for colour, detail, materials, furniture, and more, Aude Interiors is a leading Brisbane-based interior design company with a property styling service that will maximise your property value through clever home staging.

Our Property Styling Services in Brisbane

Aude Interior's property styling services are designed to enhance both the visual appeal of your home and its marketability, making it easier to attract buyers or tenants in the process. Whether you need carefully selected furniture, stylish decor, or a new colour scheme, we'll help improve the overall aesthetics of your home and bring its full potential to life.

What Our Customers Say About
Our Property Styling Services?

“Aude is an experienced and creative interior designer. Adept at all things, that’s what really impressed me! She knew about space planning, lighting as well as soft furnishings, and all fixtures and fittings. She also understands the clients Vision and works within budgets and timelines."


What is Included in Our Property Styling Services?

Our property styling service is bespoke, as we understand that every client and property has different needs. To give you a typical overview, however, here's what the process could look like for your home staging project:

Step 1

Design Consultation

We'll sit down together first to talk about what your goal is with property styling. This won't only give us a clear idea of what you're looking to achieve also but offers the opportunity for us to give our expert advice on what can be done and ways you can maximise the impact of the space.

Step 2

Styling Mood Board

Following your consultation, we'll create a styling mood board packed with ideas on how best to style your home for maximum potential and profitability. The look of this board will depend on what work needs doing, but it may contain things such as colour ideas, potential furniture, or soft furnishings that will elevate the space.

Step 3

Interior Planning

We'll then look at how everything is laid out and discuss ways things can be moved and changed to make more of the interior space. This may involve rearranging or removing certain pieces of furniture or building work - it will all depend on what the final goal is.

Step 4


For maximum impact, we may bring some decorating into your home staging plans. At this stage, we'll look at the best colours or patterns for your home and discuss how they won't only bring the space to the next level but how they'll potentially impact the feeling potential buyers will get from your home.

Step 5

Material Selection

Once we've discussed colours and patterns, we'll look at what materials would work best to achieve the final look. This will include paint and wallpaper samples as well as fabric samples for creating cushions and other soft furnishings that will give maximum impact on first impression.

Step 6

Appliances & Furniture

We'll also look at the appliances and furniture that would suit your newly staged home, making sure that everything fits stylishly together and offers "the dream home" look to buyers or tenants. Any furniture you already own will be taken into account throughout the design process as well, so there's no need to worry about losing anything you love.

Step 7

Project Management

As soon as final plans are in place, we'll work with a team of experienced stylists, builders, craftsmen, and artists to bring the vision to life. We'll oversee every aspect of the process and put a project management plan in place to ensure everything is completed on time.

FAQs About Our Property Styling Services

Can property styling be customised to my preferences?

Yes, property styling can be customised to align with your personal preferences and tastes. When you work with Aude Interiors, we'll consider your input at every step of the way to create a look that you'll love, and that will maximise the value of your property.

How long does the property styling process take?

This ultimately depends on the work being carried out. Some projects may simply involve new colours and soft furnishings being injected into the space, which will take less time than projects involving renovation work.

Can property styling increase the value of my property?

When done properly, property styling has a great amount of potential to increase the value of your property. It also has a significant impact on the property's marketability and the impression it has on buyers, making homes that look stylish and ready to move into stand out from the crowd.

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